6/06 The promissed land – 

13/06 ultrasonic Festival -Maarsen

13/06 marktplein harderwijk

19/07Ibiza stage Forefestfestival Ierland

20/07 Crazyland festival

10/08 Summer of love Thuishaven Amsterdam

24/08 Caffe Eddies-Houten

31/08 Wooferland Festival 

28/09 the beginning Noordkaap



About Me

DJ Jurgen’s musical journey began in the charming town of Delft, where he delved into the world of music, eventually landing a gig as a radio jock for CITY Radio The Hague. With his passion for music ignited, he soon found himself as a regular DJ at a prominent Dutch public radio station, earning his well-deserved credits in the radio industry.

As the 80’s drew to a close, DJ Jurgen embraced the vibrant Amsterdam dance scene, immersing himself in House Music and experimenting with his unique sound. His talent quickly caught the attention of various clubs, leading him to become a resident DJ at renowned venues like HOUR POWER in Escape at Rembrandt Square, Amsterdam, and ASTA in The Hague. At ASTA, he introduced his own concept ID, providing a platform for upcoming DJs to showcase their skills.

In the mid-’90s, DJ Jurgen’s passion extended to music production, setting up his own modest studio. His first release, “SHAKRA’S FEELINGS,” gained popularity in the underground scene and found its way onto numerous compilation CDs. However, it was in 1998 that he achieved a major breakthrough with his chart-topping hit “BETTER OFF ALONE,” propelling him to international fame.


 His success opened doors to performances across the globe, from Japan and Hawaii to Dubai, South Africa, and the USA. Notably, DJ Jurgen was the first DJ/producer to receive a nomination for the IDMA award in Miami, further cementing his position in the industry with the follow-up hit “Higher Higher.”

In July 2005, DJ Jurgen continued to make waves with the release of “Wicked Waves” on the new Yakuza Label, followed by “Boyzz” on Spinnin Records in March 2007. Over the years, he has consistently released captivating tracks, including “Higher Love” in June 2008 and “Crazy Sexy Cool” in 2009.

Beyond his exceptional DJing and production skills, DJ Jurgen ventured into the world of radio. In 2005, he launched his daily morning radio show on Radio Fresh FM, hosting the popular show “ID” every Saturday night, featuring the latest club tracks and news. The show’s widespread appeal has attracted listeners from around the world, who tune in online to catch DJ Jurgen’s electrifying mixes on Wild FM ID.

As the journey continues, DJ Jurgen remains unstoppable,he continues to captivate dance floors with his infectious and energetic Tech House tunes.


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